Monday, April 03, 2006

Color Photography (non-Nude)

Being able to control the Contrast and Compostion after the image is created without needing to print a copy first is quite an advantage for the digital photographer.
This print is a copper beam at the front entrance to the Everette Washington Train Station. It was taken no the first day of passenger operations. Already someone felt the need to draw in the copper with their greasy fingers.
An improvised ashtray by the side entrance of a studio in Banff, Canada.
Romantic nostalgia. Roses and an old car.
The Wishing Tree lives in a valley where my two children play.
This untouched photo is a reflection in very thick sheets of stacked glass that rest against a barn where they have been weathered by the elements.
This is Jinqi(gin chee) the cat killer. He was finaly euthanized for doing what he did best. If only it was an accepted sport, he would have been the champion. My attempt to imortalize him in sketch.

Entomology Photography

I am a big fan of Macro-lens Photography and look forward to purchasing the propper equipment to photograph Entomology Subjects on their levels.

Every couple of years a Tent Caterpillar infestation devistates the American Northwest fruit trees. This image comes from the infestation of 2004. I have often wondered what makes the one that is glowing so different from the rest.
This shot is to demonstrate the destruction that the Caterpillars are capable of. They have stripped this plumb tree of every green piece and covered the entire tree with a silk webbing that helps them travel easier. The small black dots are their feces and two caterpillars can be seen in the middle of the left third of the image.

My female pet spider (Confirmed: Phormictopus cancerides) has posed for many great shots. She is a Haitian Brown Haired Bird Eater. Thats correct, she will some day be big enough to eat birds. For now she is only about as big as a computer Mouse. She is an excellent study in locomotion and behavior.

Here is a Sphinx Caterpillar (Confirmed: Eumorpha fasciata) turning green vegitation into pellets. Sweetheart the Spider made quick work of it's soft body. I wasn't able to witness wether the Sphinx used that red horn on the left side to defend it's self.

This red (possible: Araneus diadematus) is perched atop an oil lamp. Since it could withstand the heat of the lamp, this spider dined well that day.

This Mate-Seeking dragonfly makes a nice feast of the Northwest Musquito.

This yard predator is perched on the brightest flower in the garden.

He seemed as curious of me as I was of him.

Black and White studies

Black and White forces the Photographer to concentrate on lighting and composition. I am constantly adding new stuff so check back for more on occasion.
This is by far my highest regarded image by viewers. The only digital treatment that this image has recieved is a desaturation and contrast adjustment.

Children in the summer time. The crow in the upper right corner makes an appearance in a lot of my photography.

This was taken at Banff, Canada during the forest fires of 2003. The sky was so strange that this image was not manipulated to demonstrate the desaturated quality of the sun's rays filtering through hundreds of miles of forrest fires. It snowed ash for days while I helmed the Photography section of the Cogswell/Banff Psychogeography Project. At the presentation of more than 400 photos from the town of Banff, the Banff Art Center anounced that our installation was the largest that had ever been displayed in such a short amount of time. Hard work! No sleep! Yeehaw!

That same railing is featured here where you can see the effect of the smoke clouds on the sun's rays. This was by far the most sureal photo shoot that I have ever been witness to.

A branch will find it's self hung up on a wire after a Pacific Northwest wind storm.