Monday, April 03, 2006

Color Photography (non-Nude)

Being able to control the Contrast and Compostion after the image is created without needing to print a copy first is quite an advantage for the digital photographer.
This print is a copper beam at the front entrance to the Everette Washington Train Station. It was taken no the first day of passenger operations. Already someone felt the need to draw in the copper with their greasy fingers.
An improvised ashtray by the side entrance of a studio in Banff, Canada.
Romantic nostalgia. Roses and an old car.
The Wishing Tree lives in a valley where my two children play.
This untouched photo is a reflection in very thick sheets of stacked glass that rest against a barn where they have been weathered by the elements.
This is Jinqi(gin chee) the cat killer. He was finaly euthanized for doing what he did best. If only it was an accepted sport, he would have been the champion. My attempt to imortalize him in sketch.


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